Carpet Repairs

Paul Dyson Commercial Floor Care strives to offer valuable services to our customers,  Carpet Repairs is one of the specialist services we can offer in and around Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Our main goal is to achieve a seamless repair which will save you hundreds and thousands of pounds on replacement costs as the average repair cost is roughly 10% of the carpet’s value!

Most of our carpet repairs are carried out using hot welds for maximum strength, our repairs are strong enough to be daily vacuumed and Professionally Deep cleaned.

Here are some of the most common repairs.

Burns ( iron, cigarette, fire coal)
Pet Damage (scratching, urine stains)
Flood Damage ( delaminated edges, shrank edges)
Bleach Damage
Furniture Indentations 
Permanent Dye Stains
Removing fireplace
Moving Radiators

Moth Damage 


Here are some of our recent specialist carpet repairs below!

(hover over the image for a brief description, or click to enlarge image )


After (bleach stain replaced)
Bleach damage on wool carpet (before)

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