3SIXTY Champagne Lounge Karndean Floor Clean And Protect Newcastle Upon Tyne.

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of working in Newcastle’s newest Champagne bar.

Standing tall and proud as the highest tower in the city, 3SIXTY bring you an innovative, unparalleled eating and dining experience with what is possibly the best view of Newcastle Upon Tyne. BOOK WITH THEM HERE 

They had a beautiful mat black and gold Karndean floor installed to give the place a seriously slick look, sadly during the installation, some areas of the floor were badly scratched, this is common, normally happens when new furniture gets installed and they drag them across the new floor etc.

Removing scratches from LVT is a difficult, time consuming, expensive process, you have to cut the synthetic floor down enough for the scratches to blend in using specialist cutting disks, this process is normally quite messy, dusty and isn’t ideal for a new restaurant-bar opening up in the next two days. Plus with the floor being brand new we wanted to avoid the full restoration route leading us to recommend the customer to go down the strip and seal route.


This process is much nicer to work with, takes less time and has outstanding results at fraction of the price. The theory behind the strip and seal is to remove all dirt, grease and imperfections from the floor using commercial grade oscillating machines, natural degreasers, detergents and a freshwater rinse leaving the floor totally contaminate free and dry ready to be sealed. The sealer will fill in the scratches covering them up making the overall appearance of the floor much nicer, this process doesn’t remove them only blends the scratches in.

The sealer we use is an extremely hard-wearing, two-part polyurethane-based super sealer providing a clear coating with excellent elasticity and high resistance to chemicals for years of protection on all types of resilient and resin floors in any commercial or domestic environment. You can also add slip additives to all sealers making the floor’s slip resistance class to R11 – R10 in accordance with BGR 181 to exceed HSE slip resistance guidelines of low risk to slip injury tested according to BS 7976-2.

 Guaranteed for years, reduced maintenance

The sheen of PU Sealer (Gloss, Satin, Matt, Ultra Matt) does not diminish with time and does not need to be polished, waxed or stripped at any time in order to maintain. Simply clean the surface using our Paul Dyson Neutral Floor Cleaner with an auto-scrubber or damp mop to ensure the surface remains clean.

 A safe, hygienic and stain resistant protective layer

The finish is economical in use and friendly to the environment whilst the surface is resistant to chemicals and plasticisers including hand sanitisers and disinfectants.

 Improves the overall appearance and makes a good impression

Guaranteed 6 times higher long-term protection for the surface against friction damage and scratches, proven to extend the lifetime of floor use in comparison to conventional sealers.

 3-year warranty when professionally applied by us Paul Dyson Commercial Floor Care

More about our floor cleaning and restoring services here: https://pauldyson.co.uk/services/floor-cleaning/