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23rd October 2023

5 reasons to book a professional carpet cleaning service for autumn

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As the seasons transition and the weather begins to change, we find ourselves spending more time at home. This shift in our daily routines means it’s the perfect time to consider a professional carpet cleaning service to ensure our carpets and upholstery are in top condition – after all, they do play a significant role in creating a cosy and inviting space. 

Here are five compelling reasons why you should consider contacting a professional to clean your carpets and soft furnishings this autumn.


1. Say goodbye to muddy footprints

With the arrival of autumn and its inevitable rainy days, muddy footprints are almost impossible to avoid, especially if you have little ones or furry friends at home. However, these muddy stains don’t have to be a permanent fixture in your living space during the colder months.

By scheduling a professional carpet cleaning and upholstery service, you can ensure that these stains are effectively removed before they become embedded into the fabric of your home. What’s more, professional cleaning can include treatments that protect your soft furnishings from future damage, keeping them looking fresh and inviting.


2. Give your home a breath of fresh air

As the temperature begins to drop, we make a habit of closing our windows and turning up the central heating, which can lead to stale air and unpleasant odours circulating within your home, especially after summer. These conditions can also create an advantageous environment for mould growth in your soft furnishings, making them unpleasant and smelly. 

Professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning can help to rectify these odours and prevent mould growth before causing prolonged damage to your home. With a reinvigorated, clean carpet, the air inside your home will feel fresher and create a more inviting environment for those cosy nights.


open window overlooking an autumnal scene uk after a professional carpet clean

3. Say goodbye to leafy debris

While the sight of leaves turning orange and falling from trees is undeniably beautiful, it can also bring additional debris into your home. 

The remnants of leaves can become attached to footwear, which will then become interwoven with your carpet’s fibres, making them difficult to remove by regular cleaning or hoovering methods and giving the carpet an overall messy appearance.

A professional carpet cleaning service takes the removal out of your hands and banishes these stubborn marks and debris, leaving your floors looking immaculate and giving you time to enjoy more of the season.


4. Keep allergens in check

Many associate spring with allergy triggers of many varieties; autumn, while being wonderfully picturesque, also marks the onset of another allergy season. 

The shift in weather patterns and natural decomposition of plants can trigger allergies for many sufferers, especially the pollen from ragweed and nettles or dust mites that take residence in the home during cold months.

To combat this, professional carpet cleaning can minimise allergens by removing the particles built up in the fibres and fabrics of your furnishings. This means you can enjoy the comfort of your home without worrying about sneezing or stuffy noses.


5. Prepare your home for festive guests

With Christmas just around the corner and late October to January often considered the ‘party season’, having a professional carpet clean is crucial to make your home inviting. 

Professional carpet is as preventative as it is reactive; through direct, professional cleaning your carpet and soft furnishings will be treated to reduce stain buildup, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free holiday season.


Contact the Paul Dyson team for a professional carpet cleaning

As the seasons change and we prepare for more nights in, don’t forget to include booking professional carpet and upholstery cleaning on your to-do list.

Paul Dyson Commercial Floor Care provides professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning to not only enhance the overall ambience of your living space, but it will also ensure your home is comfortable, fresh, and ready for guests. 

So why wait? Contact our team today to organise your seasonal carpet cleaning.

Customer Reviews

“Great friendly service and excellent communication throughout. Would use this service again and recommend to friends and family.”

Jayne Jackson

“I had 2 sofa frames and 2 rugs cleaned by Paul Dyson. I could not fault the service and the results. Very courteous, professional and friendly. I also had a couple of stains on another carpet that they offered to do a spot clean at no extra charge. I will definitely use Paul Dyson again, and cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Sue Collings

“Amazing service, I wouldn't go anywhere else now”

Sophie Miller

"My knights in shining armour after flooding my downstairs, 2 rooms after running a tap and forgetting about it? Fabulous job and left me with a humidifier till it's all dried out... Thanks again"

Elaine Martin

"Spot on. Brought it up like new. Really clean and fresh."

Aimi Morgan

"Fantastic company left my carpet nearly new. Well worth the money and staff are really pleasant thanks"

Kirsty Beaty

"Fantastic results! Harry cleaned our carpets today and what a lovely lad. Reliable, fast And professional service. Carpets are like new."

Nikki Mobbs

"What brilliant service. Harry (son) went above & beyond expectations & the price was v reasonable too. I'd definitely recommend"

Liza Gallon

"Top job, these guys are really thorough and our carpet's like new. They got rid of marks that I couldn't budge. Lovely people as well - highly recommended."

Mark Gee

"Paul dyson came and cleaned my mam's carpet today the carpet came up brilliant would recommend these lads to anyone"

Julie Gibson

"Absolutely brilliant service. Pauls son Harry came this morning and throughly cleaned the carpets for me at a rental property in Gateshead. The previous tenant had allowed her cat to soil the carpet do a disgusting level. We have cleaned the house and the final job of cleaning and treating the carpets was down to Harry........all smells are now eradicated and a certificated treatment added to ensure the safety of future tenants.......can't recommend this company higher."

Kevin Goodfellow

"Thanks so much guys. Just had some professional pics taken of the community room we hire out at Shanti Bee and it's made such a difference having the floor professionally cleaned. Lifted the room and made it feel so much cleaner too!"

Radgie Rosie

"Great lads and absolutely fantastic service. Highly recommended."

Brendan Glennie

"Did a great job thanks so much. Very happy with the service."

Beth Armstrong

"Brilliant job in 2 bedrooms..and hall and stairs..excellent job..would recommend and use again. Thank you Paul"

David Ryder

"Excellent customer service from Harry Dyson today. Carpet looks great and smells wonderful too. I'm very happy."

Julie Nimmo

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