Disinfecting Fogging / COVID 19 – Newcastle Upon Tyne

We have been using the NHS approved protocols in infection control for over 20 years.

We are proud to have also been safely disinfecting homes and businesses throughout this pandemic using safe products we can trust, as they have been tested to the lastest UE standards.

Harry our leading technician recently took the most up-to-date training course which is specifically on killing COVID 19, disinfection, fogging, and hazardous waste.

Lately, we have safely disinfected & fogged Coffee Shops, Schools. Gyms, Offices, Treatment Facilities, and Homes.

There are many factors to consider before disinfecting a place or property and we can reassure you that we take every protocol and safe procedure into consideration before we commence work.

If you would like to be informed on any aspect of our fogging service please get in touch for advice or facts on best practice and effectiveness.

Foggers are now widely available, meaning untrained staff and operators are using Incorrect unsafe products and methods that are not suitable for fogging.

Our methods are trusted and certified and offer peace of mind for your safety in this crisis.





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