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22nd February 2023

Our Top Carpet Care Tips for Pet Owners

Pet owner and dog lying on carpet

Beloved pets are one of the greatest joys of many peoples lives. However, you need to be pretty savvy about your carpet care if you live alongside a four-legged friend.

There is truly no limit to the delight and comfort that a pet can bring to your life. Unfortunately, however, like all things in life, a pet comes with just as many challenges as it does joys.

Indeed, it’s certainly no secret that pets can wreak havoc on your soft, plushy carpets and rugs. However, when you know how to attend to mess-emergencies on your carpets correctly, you have a better chance of keeping your flooring clean and stain-free. Here at Paul Dyson, we have a great deal of experience in smart carpet-care, so we thought we would share our top tips for a pet-proof approach to carpet maintenance. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. Act fast!

First things first, let’s talk about response times.

Trust us, when it comes to pet mess it’s all about how fast you can react and respond to the situation.

The art of carpet cleaning comes down to time, so grab your tools and get down to business as soon as you set eyes on the mess. The longer pet urine, solids or muck trailed in on muddy paws sits on your carpet, the greater the chance of permanent damage. So, act without haste!

2. Choose your weapons wisely

It’s important that you know that different types of messes will require different tools and tactics, so choose your weapons carefully!

Bear in mind that spills and urine should never be rubbed, as this will drive the liquids further into the carpet. Solid mess, on the other hand, should never be tackled with cloths or rags, as this will simply smear them further and create even more of a mess, which is the last thing you want.

The only all-purpose tool that is a saviour in all different types of mess-emergencies is the trusty vacuum cleaner. Your vacuum can always be used in the final stage of cleaning to provide the finishing touch.

Dog with muddy rug

3. Smart choices

Of course, it’s important to mention that if you are looking to install new carpets at any point, you should be sure to make your choice with your pet friends in mind.

This is because some carpets are far more pet-friendly and easier to maintain than others. Of course, opting for darker coloured carpets is always a smart choice, but it’s not just about colour, but types of carpet pile, too. For instance, we can recommend carpets crafted from nylon fibres, as they often prove to be the most durable and stain-resistant. You could also consider twist-carpets, which are another hard-wearing choice.

4. Bring in the professionals!

When it comes to a particularly tough mess, you just need the help of professionals.

If you have a pet living in your home, we strongly recommend that you have your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned every six months or so. This will help keep them in tip-top condition and ensure they stay in good nick for as long as possible.

Here at Paul Dyson, we have been helping pet-owners across the region to keep their carpets in prime condition for decades. Professionally trained by both the National Carpet Cleaners Association and the WoolSafe Organisation, we have all of the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle your carpets (and upholstery!) with confidence.

Have your four-legged friends wreaked havoc on your carpets? We can help. Contact us today for a free quotation.

Customer Reviews

“Great friendly service and excellent communication throughout. Would use this service again and recommend to friends and family.”

Jayne Jackson

“I had 2 sofa frames and 2 rugs cleaned by Paul Dyson. I could not fault the service and the results. Very courteous, professional and friendly. I also had a couple of stains on another carpet that they offered to do a spot clean at no extra charge. I will definitely use Paul Dyson again, and cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Sue Collings

“Amazing service, I wouldn't go anywhere else now”

Sophie Miller

"My knights in shining armour after flooding my downstairs, 2 rooms after running a tap and forgetting about it? Fabulous job and left me with a humidifier till it's all dried out... Thanks again"

Elaine Martin

"Spot on. Brought it up like new. Really clean and fresh."

Aimi Morgan

"Fantastic company left my carpet nearly new. Well worth the money and staff are really pleasant thanks"

Kirsty Beaty

"Fantastic results! Harry cleaned our carpets today and what a lovely lad. Reliable, fast And professional service. Carpets are like new."

Nikki Mobbs

"What brilliant service. Harry (son) went above & beyond expectations & the price was v reasonable too. I'd definitely recommend"

Liza Gallon

"Top job, these guys are really thorough and our carpet's like new. They got rid of marks that I couldn't budge. Lovely people as well - highly recommended."

Mark Gee

"Paul dyson came and cleaned my mam's carpet today the carpet came up brilliant would recommend these lads to anyone"

Julie Gibson

"Absolutely brilliant service. Pauls son Harry came this morning and throughly cleaned the carpets for me at a rental property in Gateshead. The previous tenant had allowed her cat to soil the carpet do a disgusting level. We have cleaned the house and the final job of cleaning and treating the carpets was down to Harry........all smells are now eradicated and a certificated treatment added to ensure the safety of future tenants.......can't recommend this company higher."

Kevin Goodfellow

"Thanks so much guys. Just had some professional pics taken of the community room we hire out at Shanti Bee and it's made such a difference having the floor professionally cleaned. Lifted the room and made it feel so much cleaner too!"

Radgie Rosie

"Great lads and absolutely fantastic service. Highly recommended."

Brendan Glennie

"Did a great job thanks so much. Very happy with the service."

Beth Armstrong

"Brilliant job in 2 bedrooms..and hall and stairs..excellent job..would recommend and use again. Thank you Paul"

David Ryder

"Excellent customer service from Harry Dyson today. Carpet looks great and smells wonderful too. I'm very happy."

Julie Nimmo

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