Harry is the new stone floor specialist in Newcastle Upon Tyne!

I travelling 5 hours down south for yet another advanced training course with the restoration guru – tile boutique director himself – Paul Cranny.

Stone Floor Renovator Certificate

The course was great, I touched upon the methods I already use to clean and restore natural stone but also learned many new advanced diamond polishing methods and sealing techniques.

Limestone Dimond Polishing

It’s great having the knowledge and experience to be able to restore most natural floors and training only helps you become more confident and experienced.

It was truly fascinating to learn more about the stone and where they came from, a small example of this I will post below.

Igneous Rocks like Granite is cooled under the earth and has a hardness from 6!

Sedimentary Rocks like limestone have more than 50% carbonate minerals in them and most times have amazing animal fossils in them.

And last Metamorphic rocks like marble or slate have veins and react to acid.

Acid etch on marble

Paul Cranny Dimond Polishing Marble

If you have any natural stone which needs to be restored please contact the office for a limited time only discount as we have some new diamond pads to test out.

For all inquiries call our office: 0191 2666111