Limestone Cleaning / Polishing – Newcastle Upon Tyne

Today we restored some beautiful limestone tiles in a flat three floors up and of course, there was no lift.

The floor was years old and was covered in inappropriate sealer which overtime warn off leaving the stone unprotected.

Removing Topical Sealer

Firstly we had to remove the old sealer by hand using a high powered stripper, the stripper does not damage the stone in any way only removes the old sealers.

Removing Sealer

After the old sealer has been removed we then started the honing process using diamond pads, this will remove most surface scratches.


To remove the deep scratches used a handheld orbital machine with specialist disks.

Removing scratches

After we have removed the deep scratches as much as we can, we then blend the areas in by polishing the stone back up. Sealing the stone with an impregnator to finish.

Sealed Finished Floor

Now the stone has been restored it will look great for years to come when maintained correctly.

Our customer said ‘I am so pleased with the floor, it looks better than it did when it was first laid’

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