Tile And Grout Cleaning Newcastle Upon Tyne

Tile and grout cleaning may be difficult to many but using the right equipment and cleaning chemicals we can clean them with ease and yesterday we cleaned the floors for our local SPAR store which is located in Howdon.

Tile And Grout Cleaning – Howdon

Using our truck-mounted machine which uses super hot water, extremely high pressure and immense water flow, we were able to remove all of the sticky cleaning residues which is collecting dirt and dust from the refit, rust marks from old shelves, paint and cement with ease.

Tile And Grout Cleaning Newcastle Upon Tyne

We completed the 200m2 hard floor retail area in just four hours! It would have been a long and difficult shift for someone without the right equipment or experience.

We are proud to be able to keep providing efficient cost effective cleaning throughout our range if services.

See more about our floor cleaning services here : http://pauldyson.co.uk/services/floor-cleaning/