We travelled to Germany to restore some floors for an international Cinema Group.



Not long ago we traveled from our hometown Newcastle Upon Tyne all the way to Wuppertal which is a City in Germany to restore some newly laid vinyl floors for an international Cinema group we work for.

The vinyl had been unfortunately damaged and badly scratched during the seating installation. We had to do a full restoration on most of the floors within the cinema screens, this included walkways and access ramps which are much harder to work on because of the incline of the ramp. 

Our restoration methods were to grind out the deep gouges by hand using different grits, to key the surface so we can get a good bind on with our sealer, clean and strip the floor removing all dust leaving the floor clean, dry, and residue free, ready to be sealed.

 We sealed and protected the floors with our Professional Dr. Schutz PU Sealer which is a special water-based 2 part polyurethane transparent sealer with outstanding durability and long-term protection, we added the anti-slip additive meaning it is now classified as safe and has an anti-slip classification of R9. (tested according to EN 14904.) 

Here are some photos below and if you would like to know more about our floor cleaning services please click this link: HERE

Find out more about our floor cleaning services: HERE